About Ninja

Not very long ago, I told an interviewer ‘I can’t really tell you too much about myself as I am yet to go and figure out who I am’. Many years later, the story hasn’t changed. That’s me – Aparna or should I say Ninja.

A few years ago, I did a few cartwheels in an MTV ad. They wanted girls who could kick like Karate experts, do cartwheels like gymnasts and hold a Samurai sword. In the end, my Brazilian martial art Capoeira came to my rescue and I survived the experience. Baba (my capoeira teacher) gave me my nickname Ninja after this once in a lifetime experience.

So, when I quit my job to travel around South America (and learn more Capoeira), the Ninja acronym was perfect – No Income No Job Aparna. Had all the time in the world but very little money. So, just managed life with a backpack and fell in love with it. So, that’s the story of Backpacking Ninja.

Now that I’m back, with a job, with money too, I just can’t seem to find the time to travel. Still I manage. Every now and then. And this blog captures the journey…..

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