Enthusiasm & Stupidity is a dangerous combination

People change. Thats the truth. I think about the person I was 5 years ago and now. And, I am different. I was just chatting with Neesha, one of my closest friends and the one who actually traveled to Brazil with me all those years ago. Was telling her how I wanted to recap the trip from current perspective. Below, you’ll find the one thing about me that hasn’t changed though.

I can’t believe its September already. September 1.

Entry in my travel diary (September 1 2008) – Focus this month just on 2 things – Plan every little detail there is left to plan the trip and kiss everyone you are going to miss. It was quite simple. I remember doing that too 🙂

Today (September 1 2013) – No travel coming up. Tons of work. All the people I miss and want to kiss are fucking miles away. So, I made my priorities for this September.

1. Business planning (This takes top priority. Its work but I love it)

2. Bike (If there is one thing I have in common from all these years ago, its my enthusiasm and my stupidity. A lethal combination. Yes, I signed up for London Cyclathon and in 2 weeks I’m supposed to do this. So, I better train)


3. Bollywood Dance (I won’t reveal this till later… but wait and see what is coming up. Some serious fun)

4. Blog (Come what may, I will blog everyday)

And, mom, I know you are reading this. With the above 4 priorities, I also do not plan to drink a single beer this month. Love you.

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