Art of hounding

The most frequently received comment / contact me note on my blog is “How the hell did I manage all the visas for my travel?”. Blessed with an Indian passport, this is not easy. But, to me, if a country rejects your visa, they are not worth visiting.

How do you make sure they don’t reject your visa? (We aren’t talking USA & Europe, where the concept of people talking / networking / having a personal touch is alien). We are talking about Latin America where a friend, a friends friend can help you with your issue.

Purpose: Needed a brazil visa (ideally 6 months). Needed visa for countries near Brazil. Didn’t have a job. Didn’t have too much money. Didn’t have a solid itinerary. Was a solo backpacker with an Indian passport.

Strategy: Hound one embassy. In my case, Brazil. Check out the notes I made all those years ago. Sounds all over the place but I had cross mapped every embassy, ambassador for that country and India across South America. Managed to befriend a few and then the word got around. So, art of hounding works for visas (atleast in countries in Latin America).

Brazil V

If you hound Austria, they will reject you for life.



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