There is such a thing as a free printout

So, its already day 14. And, it was actually only a few weeks more before I took that flight out of Bombay to New York. But, I remember sitting in my living room and already putting things together in excitement. Before I even decided what I was going to take, I opened this diary that I already shortlisted (a blue spiral bound book which one of my vendors had given) and looked at the clean pages. I scribbled some notes in. Then, I pasted a map of South America. The place I was heading to.

Map? Yup! I know we don’t need them in India because we can ask every person we bump into every step for directions and still not get there. I know we can use Pagal pan and Judes Cols Storage and Manis garage for directions in Bombay. Likewise, if we are getting from city to city, we jump into a bus or a train or a flight and don’t bother how far it is or where it is geographically.

It doesn’t work that way in rest of the world. And, it sure as hell doesn’t work that way when you decide to go somewhere for 7 months, to a continent so huge. All this with a shoestring budget. But, one map wasn’t good enough. I wanted all those maps.. those region maps, country maps, city maps… little details..

So, in the name of paying goodbye visits to all my colleagues in the company I had just quit, I went to office and took free printouts 🙂 Yes. We have all done that. But, I’m feeling delighted to admit it. I printed out maps of every country that I was planning to visit. Took some highlighters as well (those green ones). Mapped out stuff. Pimped up my diary. Had some coffee and went home.


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