Wall is your visible limit

No discipline at all. Its actually day 9 and I am writing about day 6. Will try and make up over the weekend 🙂 So, what did I do on day 6 and how does that relate to my life from 5 years ago.

Well, I spent day 6 wandering around Berlin and especially checking out what is left of the Berlin Wall. As I strolled around the East Side gallery & the west side too and read all the stuff that was a part of the graffiti, many things just jumped straight out of the colourful mile and hit me. They say that you notice only what you want to notice and its so true.


Someone had pasted these little pieces on one of the paintings and it said “Wall is your visible limit”. And that reminded me of something very specific from 5 years ago.


The skeptics. The people who thought I was crazy. The people who weren’t willing to help. The people who found thought my ideas were pretty silly. The people who thought that a blog wouldn’t really make a difference. People who said that my traveling the world won’t make a difference to their brand. The people actually formed this wall around me a bit and wouldn’t let me go through. Yes, I’m talking about the marketers. YES YES YES. People like me. Those brand managers. Those marketing managers. Considering I didn’t have too much money to do this trip, I approached a couple of brands in hope that they would help me in some way. I wasn’t looking for money. I was happy with freebies. (Eg: Wildcraft gave me my backpack, tent and sleeping bag and Asus gave me a EEE PC to travel with). But, the multinationals and the guys who actually had shit loads of money didn’t even bother replying to my email. Even if they did reply, they actually had diplomatic and slightly condescending ways of not just turning me down but also highlighting that I was being impractical 🙂

Well, I jumped over that wall and landed pretty safe in South America and blogged about it. And the fact that I didn’t get much money or freebies made the trip more exciting as I had to make the paisas stretch 15000 miles.

Learning – Wall is your visible limit.

And how does this affect me today? I am a Brand manager and I hear people out. Especially the backpackers.

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