Hangover & Discipline

I told myself I would write everyday. And, day 4, it was a slip up. Well, the day after birthdays are normally spent wondering how one has become any older and wiser. I clearly have grown older and with that comes terrible hangovers and tiredness. Wiser, I doubt. Any amount of wisdom would’ve told me not to down a bottle of wine in my kitchen, talking fluent German (i’m told) after accepting daiquiris and mojitos in a basement bar. As London as it gets, the people I was drinking with till 4 am were people I had just met. Sometimes, it does help to meet new people and make an ass of yourself. No guilt I guess.

After spending a struggling Sunday in bed, eating Dal Kichdi, I dragged myself to the airport to take a flight to Berlin. Yes. Booked a trip to Berlin for a couple of days. Always wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Checked into Michelberger hotel, a very trendy hotel, not far from East Side Gallery. Something about Germany just reeks with discipline. Everything is the way its supposed to be. In straight lines and precise.

Thats when it hit me. No time for slip ups. Better get down to it and blog. Its all about discipline. 5 years ago, I had planned every little detail for my trip in a meticulate manner. I went back to my gmail to check emails I had sent from May 2007 until August 2008, planning every minute detail. Not a day went without dreaming about getting the hell out. That discipline helped me plan, quit and get on with it. And when I was traveling, I would write everyday. Note down every little moment. Didn’t publish all and I guess that’s why this second chance.

So, it helps to be in Germany today and remember the discipline. That’s all for today.

PS: And, I just realized how much life has changed from 5 years ago. I would’ve spent the amount I did for this room over a week. Hmmm. Makes me wonder.



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