I want 100 bençãos

I can’t remember what I was doing 5 years ago on August 17th. But, sure as hell, I was having a bloody good time. Because I had turned 28 (which is a number less than 30). And today, I turn 33. Damn. Feels old.

5 years ago, I am certain that I was celebrating my birthday in the Capoeira class and my friends were kicking my ass in the Roda. I had much better stamina and I could pull the same moves with a lot more ease and people half my age weren’t doing backflips and showing their 8 packs around the place. I am sure I was laughing and crying at the same time with everyone – Baba (with the best hug and the best kick to take me down in the Roda), Macaco (with a great body even then), Sashi (still could breakdance), Cabeca (in his long hair avatar), Einstein (with his formals), Cobra (before the UK), Mel (the same), Tilo (with her big smile), Gecko (still as crazy), Espaguete (still as thin), Armelle (who prepared for her birthday the next day), Chico (with his hug), Sereia (with her voice), Cereja (with her crazy colourful pants), Zorro (in his short hair avatar), Sushant (with his dance meets Capoeira)… the old gang I remember from the photos from those years. Maybe I’m forgetting a few. Nevertheless, the Roda was the Roda and I would go back home a GOOD tired. After getting many bençãos and being taken down by Baba.

Well, what is really odd is that I haven’t had a Parabens Roda in 3 years. True. Ever since I moved to London. I miss my Capoeira family. Especially I miss being taken down, getting bençãos and coming home tired.

I googled 33 for the fun of it. 33 is one of the symbols of Ku Klux Klan. Jesus performed 33 recorded miracles. 33 is, according to the Newton scale, the temperature at which water boils. (I am as hot as it gets today). I guess it all goes downhill after this.

So, today, apart from the likelihood of having 33 mojitos and passing out, I am counting on the Capoeira India group to give me 100 bençãos when I land in Bombay a few months from now. 33 for this year. 32 for last year. 31 for the previous year. And, 3 bonus ones for the 3 years they missed out.

Ninja is getting prepared.

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