How 7 months of my life disappeared …

Why blogging dropped out of the priority list from Jan until now. Update from Ninja’s life.

I just did two things – I spent life between Meetings & Airports. Pathetic. Why?

New Team at work….. Teams are so much fun. They do a lot of the work. But hell yeah! They also generate truckloads of work. If any of you blokes are reading this, do something about it. Even though you are the driving factor to take that Monday morning flight, you need to inspire me more and do silly things so that I can blog about it 🙂


And, for the first part of the year, we have something called Business planning. Those months are indescribable. Basically, sleep is not an option unless you find your keyboard as soft as a pillow and you are comfortable walking with key pad impressions on your face. You are allowed to wear the same clothes to work, not eat, slave and do whatever the hell you want that normal HR policies don’t allow you to do. As long as sh1t gets done.


Then, I still tried to live life between 2 countries – UK and Austria. Everyone around me (who are not in Europe) think that I’m en route to doing exotic things like Tenerife holidays and Gastronomic tours when I’m in the Airport. To put things in perspective, London’s airports are pathetic. They are in 4 corners and I live in the centre. Whichever one I have to reach, it takes me forever. And the fact that I don’t to go to an airport makes the trek worse. Salzburg airport is a little hut. Ok… slightly bigger than a hut. I fly between these places and spend a lot of time unnecessarily commuting. And when I reach the destination, I go into a meeting room. So, why am I bringing up airports? The immigration guys are my best friends now. (Or, I think so).

I should write a post about Immigration ‘Not to dos’….. Coming up soon!

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