Under bad weather conditions only…

This post is dedicated to my favourite pub in the whole world – Totos Garage Pub aka Totlani Investment Pvt. Ltd and every friend of mine who has had a beer with me at Totos. All of you are going to be so disappointed with me.


I’ve never been a fan of New Year resolutions. In general, I don’t make them and that really is the reason I don’t break them. I don’t know whether it was the excess drinking in December in India or the brain damage from regular visits to Austria, I decided to quit drinking in Jan. Of course, the real reason was to keep my mother happy.

Quotes from good friends and family on hearing this resolution of mine –

Monika – ‘There is too much good wine out there to be drunk. Lets see how long this lasts.’

Arjun – ‘Everything in moderation. Why are you so stupid?’

John -‘Bars in London may become Unesco World Heritage sites. Are you sure you want to give up?’

Many others – ‘Are you pregnant?’

There have been friends who have been giving me alternate forms of resolutions –

Anna – Drink once a week. That’s good enough.

Aarti – Drink on special occasions.

Tom – Wine and Beer are not alcohol. You can drink that.

But, I’ve really held on to my resolution and started experimenting with mocktails. So far, the only thing that potentially tastes like a drink and doesn’t contain alcohol is a concoction of Bitter lemon and Tonic water. Ginger beer is just weird. And Virgin Mary should have never been invented.

Yesterday, I was stuck in Salzburg airport for 7 hours, waiting for my flight back to London and we heard that Gatwick had some snow that obviously created a total mess. While looking through presentations and working all day in an airport, the one thing that could have added an element of sanity to my Friday is a glass of wine. But, I still ordered the tonic water concoction instead. My friend Folu who kept me company came up with the best alternate resolution – ‘Drink under bad weather conditions only’. I just loved the ring of it. I almost ordered a glass of wine.

The reality of where I live jolted me. London. Blessed with bad weather everyday, that is likely to turn me into an alcoholic.

Hmmm…… back to keeping the resolution.


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