2 days in Mumbai


It has been a really long time since I had a few minutes to update the blog… Guess this means I’m truly on vacation now. Left London on Friday night to make a fleeting visit to Mumbai for the weekend, before heading to Thailand with the family.

Even a 2 day visit to Mumbai can be eventful…..

Aunties in nighties and PCO booths
Denitsts who call themselves Happy Tooth
Pav Bhaji loaded with 500 ml Amul Butter
Those corner tea stalls too close to the gutter

One bedroom flats, you’d think storage is a worry
Fits all the friends, the beer we missed and unlimited curry
Waxing at 555 in 20 minutes flat
Movie night that followed by a 4 am chat

The screams and hugs from the Capoeira family
Food you order comes automatically with green chill
A weekend well spent and you’d think we are done
This was just the starter. Main course yet to come..

We can’t wait to get back to Mumbai and live it up.


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