Singapore Sling and many such things..

Its 2 days after 27th of May and I am wreathing with guilt. 27th happens to be my husbands birthday and also my cousin Adithi’s birthday. Now, when it comes to my husband, we have a no gifting policy. So, no pressure. However, this cousin of mine happens to be the one dream cousin everyone wishes for. She is the one who remembers to send you a postcard, when she has a cocktail. Brings back such crazy memories of Mumbai cocktail nights with her.  She is the one who remembers to make a customised painting as a gift out of the blue and throw your world into a collage. Its hanging by my bedside and a colourful reminder of the things I miss about home. She is the one who makes handmade postcards with beautiful things – ‘U travel bug’ and ‘Ill sleep when I die’, making you cry. Very soon, my office pin up board will have very little space for anything other than her postcards.


Now, how could I have forgotten to put together a postcard for her birthday? Afterall, she is the one who gets excited when you send her a bunch of random things in one envelope and seal it with love. She is the only one I am likely to receive a postcard from, in reply to mine. Right now, if I had a choice, I would be looking up flights to Singapore. Head straight over there, pick her up and go to Cambodia for a holiday. And, we could spend a week clicking pictures and making postcards to send to the rest of the family. That would be a dream, wouldn’t it?

So, Adithi Khandadi – That’s a plan. For the Singapore slings and many such things that you have sent my way, I need to make up big time. Birthday postcards will come through for the rest of the year.


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