Cuba Diary – Childhood memories

I hate gaming. Specifically, I hate XBoxs and Playstations of the world. More so, I hate the fact that kids these days don’t seem to know the real world and are glued to their screens, playing terribly violent games. Its not fair to just blame the kids. I hate adults who are glued to their screens playing these games. I hate the fact that parents are actually completely ok with fact that their kids are entertaining themselves with these consoles as well as iPads of the world.


I don’t have kids and maybe, I don’t understand this escapism that parents are ok with. I typically get the answer, ‘you won’t know till you have kids. when they pester you day in and day out, you would be perfectly fine with them spending a few hours gaming rather than drive you up the wall.’ Right now, I want to scream and say, ‘no f***ing way’. Who knows?


In the middle of this technology addicted world, it was refreshing to see the real world in Cuba. Devoid of gaming. Devoid of Apps. Devoid of tablets of the world. It was even more refreshing to see that things that are a part of my childhood haven’t completely disappeared from Cuba. When we were kids, we cycled around the neighbourhood, played hide n seek, played cricket in little streets and wandered around in the heat and finally came home dirty and thirsty. I feel like I don’t see much of that in London, let alone Austria. I don’t even see that in India anymore. I doubt whether kids these days know what a skipping rope is.


That’s why I will say this a second time. Cuba was refreshing. It was a blast from the past and I can assure you that it would appeal to the child in you more than any other country in the world.


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