Its raining eggs in London

If there is one thing I love about living in London, it is the fact that it doesnt feel the same every week. I don’t know how the city manages this. There is always something new and definitely cultural going on in every nook and corner. It has been a few weeks now since I started spotting these random colourful eggs in street corners, show windows, parks and unexpected places.All building up to Easter.


As I stood trying to absorb what each artist has tried to portray through this work of art, I kept getting jostled by crowds with smart phones around me. You’d be surprised. In the good old days, you would just admire the beautiful egg, take a photo(if you have a camera handy) and then walk away with good memories. Talk about it over dinner with your folks.

Things have changed these days. Technology has crept into simple experiences. All the eggs came with a bunch of instructions. Scan the QR code, text the code of the egg to a number, stand a chance to win a diamond jubilee egg, auction for an egg, buy an egg, share it on Facebook, Tweet about it and so on. If you did some of those, money went to a charity. Blah Blah! Then, they were also trying to break some World Record for the most eggspensive chocolate egg sold. If you have the time to understand how everything happens in the digital world around this, check out Faberge Big Egg Hunt.


I would strongly recommend – Wear your walking shoes and enjoy the egg walk around the city. Forget the eggscruciating digital eggsperience around it.

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