The cheapest entertainment in London – The Tube

One question I always get in any city I have lived in – What’s the cheapest thing to do? This wasn’t really difficult to answer when I lived in Mumbai. For starters, everything in India is pretty cheap. You can spend the day in 2 pounds or in 200 pounds when it comes to Mumbai. Think about it – a local train ticket to Town and back + cups of tea & Vada pav for breakfast + free stroll and window shopping in Colaba minus the urge to stop at Mondes for a beer + Pav Bhaji or Bombay Sandwich for lunch, etc etc and you can manage it under 2 pounds.

When I moved to London, my biggest worry was finding ways to amuse myself at no cost. And, it wasn’t difficult. In no time, I figured out that a lot of cool things came  for free – the museums, the parks, some exhibitions. Unlimited choice all for free. All we had to do was log onto Timeout London and get moving. And, we realised that the maximum money we spent was actually on the Tube getting from place to place.

Money well spent I would say. Getting from home to Natural History Museum to watch the Wildlife photography exbition and then to Sommerset house to catch the exhibition on the Amazon and then to do the free walking tour at Shoreditch all sounds exciting. However, the best entertainment was in the Tube. No kidding. Whether it was the musicians at the booked spots at Piccadilly or the advertisements in the tube stations, Tube photography or tilework of Sherlock Holmes at Baker Street, the random breakdancer on the Central line or the definitions of Londoner, the Tube is the place to discover London in a day. Possible to do this in 1.3£ I guess.

Well, look at the number of friends of ours who have happily tube surfed with us in London and you’ll know what I am talking about…


….. Finally, the ultimate tube dancer I was talking about…. Check it out here –  Backpacking Ninja TV!

3 thoughts on “The cheapest entertainment in London – The Tube

  1. every-time we pass through green park, from Piccadilly to Jubilee line, I am amazed about whoever is playing/singing over there. it’s stunning.

    Last thursday, when we were coming back home after a 25 hours flight-connections-cue-for-immigration-etc., carrying heavy backpacks, we almost stopped to listen to the guy playing wonderfully “Your song” [that tune from Elton John which the chorus is “I hope you don’t mind”].

    We don’t know why exactly on this station the music is so good, but we guess it is probably because the Queen herself choose who will sing under the Buckingham Palace, just in case she needs to get the tube to have a cup of tea at the parliament.

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