Pizza and proclamations

There are a couple of things you cannot avoid in Italy – Good food, good wine and the regular proclamation of love. From my recent trip to Italy,  apart from putting on an extra few kilos thanks to the pizza and pasta, I also fell victim to the regular ‘ti amo realmente’ proclamations in the form of graffiti or just a tease from the guy in the restaurant.  From the earlier trip in 2005 to this trip in 2011, I can’t remember anything in common except the mozzarella cheese and wine. In 2005, we did the classic tourist trail with the Colosseum and Vatican, to the Leaning Tower and David, the canals and cathedrals, so on and so forth. This year, we stuck to the Amalfi coast, crowded with Italians on their summer break. We started in crowded Naples and then headed to the stunning island of Capri, came back to the Amalfi coast and tripped around Ravello, Positano and Amalfi before finishing our trip at Sorrento. The spontaneous trip and lack of planning (very unlike me) all just threw unexpected Italian surprises my way. And, I loved it. I wish I could say love the way Italians do. Instead, I’ll try it my style…. a photographic proclamation of love.

In not too many places in the world will a scooter and a flowerpot look so beautiful. That’s the classic ‘I want to photograph every bloody red Vespa’ syndrome.

With all those pretty scooters around, who would want to steal the ugly cars? Well… Italians believe there would still be people who would want to steal cars and this is their solution. A big scary metal lock over the steering wheel. Check it out.

The colour of tomatoes and olives in Italy. Nothing beats the way they glisten with olive oil. Find me a more colourful Bruschetta plate than this and I’ll buy you a pasta. (This one is for my lovely friend Aarti)

Boys will be boys. Even in Italy. Look at these little strategising cliff divers. I’m not kidding. This one boy went on and on and lectured the others about diving.

A little bit of art to everything. Even on a restaurant sign board. I would love to see all the ‘Saravana bhavans’ or ‘Sai sagar’ restaurant signs turn into an artistic one..

The beauty about visiting places like the Amalfi coast is to see how many poets and authors it inspired… Neruda.. even DH Lawrence…


When you think of churches, you think of bells and candles…. Guess what Italy, the homeland of all these magnificent churches has done to the good old candle. I couldn’t help but laugh at these litter elecrtonic candles which turn on when you drop a euro.very very unusual in the otherwise quaint land…

Pretty pink bougainvilleas, tiny houses on the slopes, blue skies and a coastline. Its picture perfect and that’s the Amalfi coast for you. Aren’t those enough reasons to fall in love?

…. and if all that didn’t broaden your mind about Italy…. here is the one ingredient that would broaden something. Pizza – the secret to broader waistlines. (And, please go to little pizza joints with the sign Vera Pizza which means true pizza).

And, more than anything…. learn to fall in love from the Italians.

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