Unexpected attractions make a City

Last weekend, I was just checking out Timeout London and stumbled upon something incredible – ‘Films on Fridges’. The name caught my eye immediately. How many of you guys are aware (for the ones not living in London) that there existed a 20 ft. mountain of fridges in Hackney, East London. Such unexpected attractions make a city. And sometimes, unfortunately, they disappear.

The project was inspired by the disappearance of this East London’s ‘Fridge Mountain’ – an enormous pile of discarded fridges which previously occupied the London 2012 Olympic site. Towering and vast, the largest ‘Fridge Mountain’ in all of Europe became a bizzare sculpture in the East London landscape.

When the site was cleaned up in 2005, no one really knew where the fridges really went. Recently, some of them have returned as a part of this film screening event ‘Films on Fridges’. The project has actually picked up fridges from Wales, used duct tape to put them together and created a memorable setting. Fitting with the Olympic theme, they are airing sports themed films here. Well, I don’t think they are really using the fridges as screens.

Either way, this just got me thinking about the unexpected attractions that really make up a city and what would happen if they were taken away.

Can you imagine Mumbai without the Dhobighat?

Or, Rio without Escadaria Selaron – The famous steps made out of tiles from around the world, created by a Chilean artist.


Think about these places in your cities and see how you can keep them alive forever. Remember – they are a part of the soul of your city.


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