Somewhere hot!

The iPhone App for weather is simply the most depressing thing one can look at.  Stuck in the pee-hole of Austria (constant rain in Fuschl), the chances you will see weather forecast as sunny is rare as spotting a kangaroo in Austria. The words that haunt me are Partly Cloudy, Chances of Rain, Mostly Cloudy, Thundershower and Heavy Rain. What is even more ironic is the visual icons depicting weather for the week.

Saturday – Mostly Cloudy and Chances of Rain

Sunday – Heavy Rain

Monday – Clear

Tuesday – Clear

Wednesday – Sunny

Thursday – Sunny

Friday – Partly Cloudy

It feels like the Weather Gods clearly do not know weekends from weekdays.

So, my resolution for vacation this year is as simple as this – ‘Somewhere hot’. I get a week off in August and I am torn between 3 destinations – Greece, Cyprus and Italy. With the economic crisis in Greece, it may not be a bad option heading there, but would I do justice to a place which has history in every nook and corner if I just bum around in the beach. How I hate the tough decision one has to go through to choose a destination for a holiday. The Santorini images beckon me quite a bit, but I want to enjoy the simple pleasures of sun and sand without the guilt of not visiting the Parthenon. Hmmm…. I guess that’s the good part about Italy being on the list. We already did the tourist trail – Rome, Firenze, Pisa, Venice, Milano et all and I guess I could do with one week of sun, sand and pasta without worrying. Then, will I wonder about the vineyards in Tuscany.

I am such a greedy pig when it comes to holidays and the biggest hurdle has always been ‘me’. I need to learn to be in a place without wanting to see everything around it. With just a week in hand, I need a lazy vacation injection. Or, I need another year off to explore the cultural side of every country over and above the beach shacks.  Anyway, after all the rationalization, I have a very strong feeling that our decision is going to depend eventually on the the cheap flights available. So far, the flights to Paphos are the cheapest of the lot and that puts Cyprus right on track. Well, Paphos is close to the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.  How is that for history at a beach destination? I can’t wait.

Watch this space for where I head to eventually…

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