Give yourself a break everyday!

I was on the phone with a friend last night. It’s been ages since I have been able to take a few minutes out to have a general conversation, which did not include work or the pain of living between two cities. We just caught up on stuff like how much I miss Kingfisher beer, wearing flip flops and how much she wishes there were better Sushi restaurants in Mumbai. So on and so forth. That’s when I realised that I’ve been holed up in my bloody cabin, forgetting the simple joys of life and that I need to get out more.

So, I made a promise to promise to myself. It’s not about killing yourself working for months together and then running away to a beach for 3 weeks. It’s about enjoying everything daily. It is so unfortunate I am bang in the middle of every British tourist’s dream destination, a pretty little lake town in ‘Sound of Music’ Austria and I haven’t made the most of it.

So, here are my 7 resolutions for the rest of the time I spend in Austria. These are not earth shattering things. These are simple gift ideas, ones that I would give myself.  It’s all about giving myself a break everyday.

I’ll get myself a good meal everyday and try everything there is to try in Austria – From knoublauch soups to the wiener snitzels to the strudels of the world. More than anything, I’ll get out for lunch and get home in time for dinner and stop eating stupid vending machine stuff.


I will spend time outdoor. Need I say more?


Hell of high water, I’ll find a way to catch the bloody Post Bus and get to the city for Capoeira.Now, these are people I can call my family in Salzburg.


I will go swimming, even if I freeze my butt. If not, I’ll atleast capture the zillion shades of blue and green on my camera.


I will stomp on the grass, even better try to handstands or cartwheels when no one is looking. I don’t think the office allows people to walk on the grass. But, I shall be very non-conformist about this one, if you know what I mean.


I will buy myself a Deindl, this Austrian frock. Even if I look ridiculous, I need to own one. Shopping maybe therapeutic, if its for something as crazy as this.


I will find the time to write a song for Hotel Mohrenwirt, my home in Austria. I will put it to tune and play the Berimbau and sing it for the staff one day.


And, when I am done with this list, I’ll come up with a new list.

4 thoughts on “Give yourself a break everyday!

  1. What a wonderfully insightful post 🙂 I’m definitely more about the enjoying of the day to day than the slaving away to make ends meet. I think that’s just a part of my love of instant gratification :-p

    I like your resolutions. I might just borrow this idea and come up with a few of my own.

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