The perfect weekend in Austria

This weekend, I decided not to go back to London. I can’t exactly remember why. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now. I had the most incredible weekend in Austria and it hasn’t ended. A weekend indeed very indicative of the good life people lead here. The simple joy you get from the outdoor beauty, the sheer variety of sweet things to eat, the fantastic options of beer and wine, the perfect balance between tourists and people I can call friends, the drizzle and the sun, the church bells tolling at all hours, this and that……. and finally let me not forget, the endless capoeira moments.

Sun shining at something like 5 am. I am not sure when. I have to pull the comforter over my head and avoid waking up. It lasts a few minutes. Somehow, snooze doesn’t work here. I jump out of the bed and the first thing I do it step into the balcony to gauge the weather. Barefoot and without a jacket. You can sense the day. And, that’s the beautiful view. A room with a view indeed.


And, then I headed to the hotel reception to greet my closest friends Good morning. My day doesn’t begin in Fuschl without seeing Anna or Daniel. Guten Morgan.


I had been invited for brunch at my friend Gertraud’s place. An opportunities to meet some new people. I headed there picking up some assortment of bakery stuff from the little bakery in Fuschl. Look at the far end of the picture below (well, there is a mix of apple stuff, cream cheese stuff and chocolate stuff). And, Gertraud had a feast ready for us.


Breads and spreads… Love it.


Pretzels, sausages and hot mustard.


Never too early for Weisbeer or Prosecco.



… and the beautiful host Gertraud…


Met some delightful people. Gertraud’s kids Moritz and adopted kid (actually tenant) Florian, who is a freerunner. The ease with which he did a handstand from a sitting position shows core strength. He is a part time stunt man as well. Wow, I wanted to run back to the meadows and do my handstands till my body hurt. (And, yes I did that) Mortiz and Florian below..


Michael, a friend from Salzburg and his guest Michi from Brazil. I’m so happy I got to practice my Portugese in Austria.


And its not surprising that people who are crazy about travel have globes with them. Don’t you just love it. Even Michael’s dog was enthralled.


Brunch overlapped with lunchtime and pretty much became evening. Time to head back and have a coffee. Met 2 interns from Vienna. They are interning with Hotel Seewinkel, one of the hotels in Fuschl. Just chilling with some 16 year olds who are definite Red Bull addicts was an interesting evening. Daniel and Carina below…. we made a plan to meet every time they get a break.


A great Capoeira workout in the evening in the lawns behind the hotel….Desperately tried to hold the handstand, fell into bridges, what not. Super workout and then, the random old British tourists started to turn up and drink wine in the lawns. I slipped out of there earlier than I had planned to.



Sunday started with a lovely walk to the lake, just to spot this fishing all alone. Beautiful colourful boats. Blue green waters. Drizzle. Sun. Drizzle. Sun. I managed to finish a few chapters of a book I was reading. Soaked in the lazy life lying around the beach chairs by the lake.




After the lazy morning, I decided to play more Capoeira in the fields. With the trees. I saw all those cyclists wearing their gear, riding around trails. Then, those power walkers. Well, they sure don’t come back dirty and muddy and sweaty like I do after capoeira in the fields. After that, I decided to treat myself to great beer, food and dessert. I deserved the dessert.

Peter, the bartender at Hotel Mohrenwirt (home), always smiling and ready to serve you a drink. More than anything, I get to practice basic German and he gets to practice his English with me.


Mohrnpfandl – Some pork with vegetables in mushroom sauce.


Topfenstrudel, cheese filled strudel with Vanilla sauce. Killer dessert.


…. and the weekend is still on…. Monday is a holiday. Isn’t that the best feeling?

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