Workaholic Traveholic

Generally, you would have expected a ‘I’m high on Capoeira’ or ‘I’m high on travel’ post from me. Today, I am high on work. I guess you feel that when you have productive days and want to put in another couple of hours. I have now no issues admitting that I am a certified workaholic just like I’m a certified traveholic. So, here are 5 random observations about how stuff I do for work influenced the way I travel and vice versa.

1. I love excel sheets.  Irrespective of how often I’ve tried using Word or Powerpoint or anything else for that matter, I keep going back to my excel sheets. If you cannot figure out excel features, try putting your holiday itinerary and learning how to sort, filter, run pivot tables based on locations and it is a piece of cake. Work or travel, this is one tool you have to learn to love.

Tip – Plan everything in the excel sheet but don’t overdo it like me. I wrote a letter in an excel sheet once.

2. Your day or week or month can fit in a bag. Yes, I am not a two bag person. I’ve seen people carry their laptop bag and their tiny purse / handbag, etc to work. I have to fit everything I need for the day into one bag. Likewise, for travel, I need to fit everything into one backpack. You don’t realize the freedom that comes with this. (Ever tried reaching out for your credit card from tiny purse, tucked into your laptop bag, when you are balancing your suitcase on the other hand)

Tip – One bag policy. If you have a lot of stuff, just get a bigger bag.

3. Choose what you love. Yup! If you don’t really fancy Belarus, no one forced you to go there on vacation. I guess that’s why there is freedom in travel and you can choose Brazil. It’s the same for work. Choose what you love to do. Choose your job. Choose your decisions. Choose your work style.

Tip –  You don’t get to choose your boss. And, if any current or future bosses of mine are reading this – you guys are great 🙂

4. Let go sometimes. I learnt a cool technique from a colleague today. Its called the 5 minute technique. When shit is hitting the roof, switch off and normally, 30% of the issues will settle down and you’ll be left only with 70% to solve. Interesting way to deal with work. I guess when it comes to travel, you can’t control everything. You plan and plan and still the bus may be late, your credit card may get stolen. You just have to let go. The unexpected is what makes travel beautiful. If you can take the shit that comes your way at work with the same philosophy, life would be so easy.

Tip – If the shit piles up too much, quit your job. I did that once.

5. Money is just a word. Don’t work for money. Don’t take any travel decisions based on money. If you want to go somewhere real bad and you don’t have the money, you’ll still figure it out. If you have too much money, you may still want to spend less just to get the down to earth experience. Either way, money is just a word and I’ve learnt that you make things stretch more and the experience work for you when you have less of it. Whether it is brand budgets or holiday budgets, it all works out in the end.

Tip – Same the small change for a rainy day.

Signing off, Workaholic Traveholic.

2 thoughts on “Workaholic Traveholic

  1. Loved observation 1 & 5. Excel is my savior too when it comes to travel plan, though I’m still sane enough (how sad!!) to use other applications for tasks that don’t require any sort of calculations. Have never tried pivot tables though. Care to send me a sample?

    As for 5, I must admit that I’ve always been plagued by financivirus. A friend of mine recently spurred me dump my financial worries and make it to some place I’ve been wanting to go for quite sometime now. Thanks to you two ladies, I think I might have a fuller travel calender.


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