Eggsactly what I expected

I miss the simplicity of life in Mumbai. When you call the grocery store, they take your order and deliver in the next ten minutes. Not just convenience. He makes the decision for you. For eg: You tell him Atta, and he takes a call on whether to give you Pillsbury or loose flour. You ask for tomato ketchup and he decides between Maggi and Heinz. Either way, if you are not a picky person, you live with what you get and you are happy.

Just a few days back, I complained about milk. Well, now its about eggs. I always wondered why they had racks and racks of eggs with different pricing. With milk, its understood (skim, semi-skim et all). I wondered about the eggs. A little bit of snooping and I have the answer.

Egg printing explained. Check this out (inside the egg carton).

I just found out that I ate the eggs of a chicken which had been caged. Am I suppose to feel sorry?

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