Indefinitely in London

Isn’t it true that you land up taking your own city for granted. London in this case. Living here, with the countless things to do, you somehow keep pushing them for later. I’ve been checking the Time Out London page and its been driving me crazy. So much to do, so little time. With a long weekend (that I wasn’t spending in Salzburg),  we decided it was time to explore London. You have to begin somewhere.

And, I decided it was going to be the ”Notting Hill’ trail. Yes, I am a sucker for Rom Com’s or Chic flicks. I’ve seen Notting Hill so many times and can even quote Anna and William and Spike. I’ve had to really hold myself back from using ‘You daft prick’ in one too many office situations. I have goosebumps with that ‘I’m just girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her’ dialogue.

So, Notting Hill and Portobello market it was. The movie is pretty much based in and around Portobello Road, incidently home to one of the coolest street markets in London. Come Saturday and its the place to be (in my opinion). The colourful houses, the street market, antiques, vintage stuff, magnets, random CD stalls playing Jamaican stuff to Harry Belafonte, smell of Paella and Humus and Olives and Cheese and what not, this is one place that I can go back to every weekend and find something new. I was a tourist for a few hours, clicking away and getting quite excited seeing the familiar locations from the film. It’s for real.

Nearest stop is Notting Hill Gate tube station on the Red Line.  Ta da….

Walking on Portobello Road… pleasant chill in the air… street musicians… just perfect weather…


Nothing prepares you for the colour and crowd.. I was feeling at home..


This one is for all my book buddies… George Orwell lived in this house in Portobello Road

I found 2 signs I could simply relate to at this moment in my life…

Maybe it is not home sweet home, get used to it!
Keep calm and carry on.


Need to go check out some more of these streets… Knew Abbey Road, but didn’t know about Lennon drive.. Hmmm…


So.. one of the first spots I remember from the movie ‘Saints Tattoo studio’… Will narrates how a man exits this tattoo parlour with a ‘I love Ken’ tattoo, not remembering in the first place how he got it.


… and keep walking down Portobello Road.. in search of 142 which is where the Travel Book Co. stood. However, its now a shoe shop called Notting Hill. Pretty clever to name it Notting Hill. Originally, there was a furniture or antique store there. The book store where Hugh Grant worked was actually inspired by the Travel book shop, in a street off Portobello Road called Blenheim Crescent….

… and voila, the travel book store… I went in and obviously did not come out empty handed…


… around the corner, you’ll spot the Spice shop… you actually smell it even before you see it. Apparently, you can find any spice you want in there. I guess I’ll wait for the expert cooks like Aarti and Neesha to come and visit me…


… one more book store.. especially for Aarti…. a dream book shop for the foodies of the world..


… and the corner of Portobello Road and Westbourne Park road…. this spot had the coffee shop where Hugh Grant bumps into Julia Roberts and spills orange juice on her.. well, the actual coffee shop isn’t there.. instead, you find the Coffee Republic chain…


… Yaaay! It’s all for real. So many more spots to discover. (I really think this is a great way to discover a city. Can’t wait to do the Before Sunrise visit to Vienna and a Before Sunset visit to Paris. Maybe a Vicki Cristina Barcelona visit to Oveido)

I was keen on seeing the blue door on 280, Westbourne Park Road where Hugh Grant lived… but, apparently, its a black door now. Hmmmm…. It started to drizzle and we decided to save it for another Saturday.

We continued further down Portobello Road towards the next tube station Ladbroke Grove and saw this amazing wall art project called Portobello Recollection, with photographs of various records that were connected to Notting Hill in some way.  Musical heritage in this wall of sound. The burst of colour was too difficult to resist and we took some fun pics.




What a fantastic Saturday. And, what a romantic feeling in London. So, am I feeling at home? Am I starting to love it here. I’ll leave you guys with this really important dialogue from the movie and hopefully, that answers your question.

P.R. Chief: Dominic… if you’d like to ask your question again?
Journalist: Yes. Anna, how long are you intending to stay here in Britain?
Anna Scott: [pause] Indefinitely.

5 thoughts on “Indefinitely in London

  1. Those red sneakers are the cutest. So you finally got your bustling market. scene. More area suggestions..Try Little Venice. Chinatown.Borough Market (Thursday to Saturday). Lucky much to explore.

      1. Covent Garden then. Yes it’s a bit cheesy , but you’ll love the opera singers in the piazza, and they’re reshooting My Fair Lady there (one more film location). Go also to Floral Hall in the Royal Opera House next to it for the view and to the exquisite “actor’s” church, St Pauls on Bedford Street around the corner.

  2. Portobello Road has to be done and is definitely a tourist hotspot alongwith Covent Garden and Leicester Square, it wont be long before the carnevale now!

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