First thing my grandma would dislike about London

I remember as a child how my grandmother (and not just mine… any South Indian grandmother) would scream at the guy who delivers milk home, if the consistency was not good. (Yes, we got fresh milk at home everyday) Basically, if it was weak, he has adulterated the milk with water and charged us for it.  Newspapers covered this regularly and spoke about how consumers are getting cheated. I used to wonder. What’s the big deal? It’s just milk.

25 years from then. I’m in London. I walk into a supermarket. For that matter, I just open the fridge in office. I see different varieties of milk. Whole milk. Semi skimmed milk. Skimmed milk. (My sister loves all this by the way). I’m not such a health freak when it comes to eating right. I eat and drink what I want and then try to do Capoeira end of the day. Anyway, the least fat one is almost like drinking water. And, its the most expensive. All I’m thinking about is what my Grandma would say – ‘Pal la thanni kalandhutu ivalavu velaiya’. Translated from Tamil, ‘milk with so much of water costs so much?’.

And, then I realise, it is a big deal. It’s not milk.

2 thoughts on “First thing my grandma would dislike about London

  1. Gone are those good old days Apu. Aavin now has all these options of less fat, no fat, skimmed etc. etc. I always feel buy milk and if you want dilute it. What’s the big deal? Ha Ha!

  2. It’s the same in Bombay. I found bluish white, thin and watery Amul skimmed milk sitting in tetrapacks in my fridge when I got home, because whole milk is harder to find.
    Forget your granny, even I remember a cow being brought around to the house to be milked every morning(on holidays in the countryside) so that you could be sure water didnt sneak in.

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