Mind the gap

When in London, take the Tube. I took it and took it pretty seriously. Spent a lot of time reading the Tube Map over cups of tea. Well, just because I knew the difference between Tottenham court road and Tottenham hale, I thought I knew the Tube. I was mistaken.  I just figured out that you are not a tube master if you know the stations and the lines alone. You also need to know which side the platform would be. That’s taking tube knowledge to the next level.

Dragging my suitcase from Victoria to Cally Road via Kings Cross, it was like Murphy decided to visit me. Everytime I needed to get off, the door would open on the other side. Just as I managed to maneuver through the crowd, I kept hearing the oh so famous announcement ‘mind the gap’. Come on, even if I bloody tried, I couldn’t fall through that gap. Who are they kidding? Recently, I heard a new version. Mind the closing doors. Hmmm…. I really miss the Mumbai trains, with open door policy 🙂 Even if it was sweltering hot, there was this hot breeze.

Can go on and on about the Tube. Will save it for another day. Another blog post.  Anyway, getting home, I decided to google the tube and found this really cool map. Its the Tube Map in Anagrams.

I figured out I live in Arcadian Noodle, work at Blood Rending, often visit Trivia Co to take the train to the airport. My husband works at Atom Ogre and we still haven’t found the time to go to Letting Loathing, considering how much I obsessed about the movie. Go figure! (Click on it to see the full map)

2 thoughts on “Mind the gap

  1. 😉 it’s not as difficult.. I got used to it in few days. or just need to follow the sign boards.;)

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