17 to London Bridge

Have been taking bus No. 17 to London Bridge. Ya ya… when you say London Bridge, everyone thinks I’m this tourist in my own city and its a thorough joyride. Nope, its work. My office is a stone’s throw away from London Bridge. Between the consistent announcement ’17 to London Bridge’ all the way from Caledonian Road to the final stop, I tend to overhear a lot of early morning conversations on the bus. Kind of like Mumbai train people watching.

The one this morning was the one totally worth blogging about.

2 little boys enter the bus. School uniforms, big school bags et all. Must be 7 or 8 years old.

Boy 1 : Did ya see Messi’s goal? Legend.

Announcement: 17 to London Bridge. Her Majesty Pentonville Prison.

Boy 2: I heard about it from my Dad. I was out.

Boy 1: I recorded it.

Boy 2: My recorder broke down.

Boy 1: You could come over and we could watch the second goal. The first one was ok but the second one.

….. more about Messi and how great he is….

Announcement: 17 to London Bridge. Kings Cross.

Boy 2 suddenly: You remember the time I dribbled all the way to the other side and scored a similar one.

Boy 1: Wasn’t that Max?

Boy 2: No, it was the day Max wasn’t playing. It was just Chad, you and me.

Boy 1: Right… ofcourse.

….. more about Max not being around enough…..

Announcement: 17 to London Bridge. Ludgate Circus.

… I’m wondering how just 3 boys land up playing the game….

…. more conversation….

…. then the revelation…

Boy 1: Did your PS3 crash? I heard there were some network issues and it got hacked.

Reality : 8 year olds spend more time on their Play Stations, even when there are such beautiful open spaces.

Announcement: 17 to London Bridge. St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Boy 1 and 2 jump out of their seats and get out of the bus.

Thanks for the morning entertainment.

2 thoughts on “17 to London Bridge

  1. Haha, that’s classic. I totally thought they were talking about an actual game too.

    The kind of things I don’t hear on Korean buses. I really should learn the lingo.

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