Bollywood addiction can get you to Europe!

Think about the two things that would unite Indians anywhere in the world – Bollywood & Cricket. Not kidding. Having seen a whole bunch of Indians, painted face et all, cheering during the World Cup finals in an Australian Pub in London, I realised that it doesn’t matter which corner of the world you are as long as you have cricket in your blood. Same goes for Bollywood. Sitting 3 seats away from any Indian in a Tube, you’ll still be able to hear the latest Bollywood number on their Ipod. Rather heavy on the volume. I tapped my foot all the way to Gatwick last week.

So, you can take an Indian away from Bollywood, but you can’t take the Bollywood away from an Indian. On that note, I’m throwing away a fabulous opportunity and giving my readers a chance to enter this contest on – a cool website which gives ultimate Europe tips to Indian travelers.

What’s the contest?

Write a post about Bollywood & Europe and win a tour around Europe with Contiki Tours – one of Europe’s largest tour operators catering to 18 to 35-year-olds.

What is the prize?

The first prize is a 9-day tour to seven European cities, starting in London priced at about Rs 66,000. For more details, read here. The deadline for sending your entry for this prize is April 30. (You could choose a starting date for the tour anytime this summer.)

The second prize is a 12-day camping tour to six European cities, starting in Rome priced at about Rs 43,000. For more details, read here. The deadline for sending your entry for this prize is May 31. (Again, you could choose a tour in this category starting anytime this summer).

So what do you have to do?

Connect Bollywood & Europe and send in your story to If you get an automated receipt message, it means they have received your story and you are in the running.

For more details on this, check out the contest details here.

Why do I think YOU have a great chance to win this?

I am not entering this contest. Haha. Writing about Simran and Raj and their journey around Switzerland is not my cup of tea.  Having said that, I think writing about Bollywood and Europe is a piece of cake for anyone in Mumbai, imprisoned in a cubicle and wanting to run away to Europe (that’s most of my blog readers). Go ahead and give it a shot!

Leaving you with a photo, that I think represents Bollywood today – Truly global.  Shah Rukh Khan fan in a small town in Peru.

Good luck!

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