Ain’t no sunshine, but I’m still wearing shades

Status :  Sleepy and very cold in Salzburg.

Being in cold places gets me craving for sunshine.

This morning, I thought I saw the sun outside and literally dashed out of the hotel. Grave mistake. Yes, it was bright alright. I can’t really code this weather. I see snow up in the mountains. The weather seems to be clear. Kind of blue. The sun is shining and pretty bright. I need to use my sun glasses. At the same time, I’m freezing. I don’t feel an ounce of warmth. I run back for my sweater. Sweater, overcoat, a random scarf, sports shoes and please do not miss the sun glasses.

Status : Walking advertisement for badly dressed Indian who just moved to Europe and still thinks she is on a backpacking trip.

Any advice on how to survive all this?

I’ve realised only 2 things work for me in cold weather and sunshine apart from sunglasses. That is Coffee and Beer. Signing off with this random inforrmation. I gotta run to work.

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