Sophie’s Choice – From Mumbai to London

No, this is not a book review. To cut a long story short, this is my last week in Mumbai. I am moving to London.

The top three things that worry me –
1. I won’t find Pani puri in street corners
2. The winters will kill me and a tan will be a distant dream
3. I will miss my Hill road shopping

As much as I am worried about these things, I’m relieved that I am moving to a mammoth city with so many things to do. Tons of friends have been writing in giving me all kinds of advice about London. The best one I received was from Sophie.  Sophie Jenkins is a food fanatic and social media expert at – a website where you can book restaurants all over the UK online. Sophie lives in London and restaurants, travel, socialising and making a mess experimenting in the kitchen are her passions in life.

I don’t know if London will carry me away like Chaotic Mumbai. But, I am all open mind right now. Here are Sophie’s tips for me.

How to have a perfect Summer Afternoon in Central London (I loved the title – Words like Summer and London together)

London is an enchanting place with a lot to offer for those that want more. It is considered as one of the leading places to go to as a destination for pleasure and business alike. However, if you are with your significant other or with close friends in London and want to have a good time while here, you might perhaps want to know of ways in which you can be assured of this. There are a number of things that you can do in this regard in order to ensure that you have a good time. But the one requirement needed here is that you be open to new experiences and having fun! Good shopping, catching a bit of sun and exploring restaurants in London that is a perfect recipe.

Shop till you drop! (Not street shopping, but this may be a new sport to try)
With so many big shopping establishments in London, it is really hard to not shop till you drop! You might be impressed to know that there are some stores that offer phenomenal bargains which are definitely worth checking out. Hence, one of the ideal ways to spend a summer afternoon in London would be to shop. A good place to do so would be Oxford Street, which is revered as the top shopping destination in London. If you are looking for that special something, this would be the place for you to go to.

Sunbathing for that special tan (I’m happy to know that I won’t have to wear a woolen coat through the year)
If you consider yourself to be overly pale and want to work on your tan, the summer in London would be the perfect option for you to think about. Not only will you enjoy the sun here and the warmth that it provides, but you might also like it for all the different places that you can go to in order to sunbathe. Thanks to ready access to a number of beaches (just 40 minutes drive), you shouldn’t be too far away from a natural spot for sunbathing. Many individuals prefer Hyde Park for sunbathing though. It takes just 10 minute walk (!!!) from busy Oxford Street and Marble Arch! Perhaps you too should consider such a place for this activity.

Tea and fine dining (From street food to fine dining – what a shift)
There is something about enjoy a cup of tea in London that makes it the preferred activity for many people to indulge in. A good place for this would be the Ritz, and almost everyone considers having tea at the Ritz to be a must-do activity when in London. You should check this out as well as this is something that you just might like and would probably end up enjoying the most about London. Perhaps you can finish this off with dining at Zizzi in Notting Hill or even at Strada, which are two other top hotels for individuals to stop and enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Sophie’s Choice – From Mumbai to London

  1. Well I’ve been living in London for four years now and I’m afriad you’re probably going to have to resign yourself to losing that tan. But think of all the cool stuff there is, especially in summer (when London comes alive): picnics in the park, one-day festivals popping up everywhere – both great for catching a tan, incidentally. And in winter? Hole yourself up in George’s Wine Bar near Charing Cross, with a bottle of vino and a cheeseboard. Mmmm.

  2. In no time at all, you’ll discover the nooks and corners, the street food, the vintage/ thrift shops, the weekend markets.
    Oxford Street?? Fine dining? Is Sophie serious? Much too obvious these.

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