Lebanese Gangsta and fake British accents!

On my recent trip to Britain, I did some unimaginable and unaffordable stuff like stay in posh hotels, get a spa treatment, eat in fine dining places, get private tours of palaces et all. Mind you, luxury is an understatement. I have to thank Visit Britain for that. Before I write 2000 words about royal holidays, here is a sneak preview of the most memorable part of my trip.

It is not some monument or place or restaurant or anything like that. It is ‘Mo’, the Lebanese Gangsta I met traveling there. No surprises. The best part about traveling is meeting people. This is not a great travel quote or wisdom. This is as basic as it gets.

Mo, originally Lebanese, brought up in the US of A, currently living in Dubai has somehow managed to master the British accent and use it very properly. ‘How are you my dear?’ and ‘Would you like a cuppa hot chocolate’ is still fresh in my memory. If there is one person with whom I could be politically incorrect about all things oh-so-proper and British, it was with this guy.

Here is Mo….



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