Welsh Food – Eat this Beast

Best way to a man’s heart is through this stomach. That’s what they normally say. Best way to a traveler’s heart is through any free food (Well, I didn’t pay). That’s what the Backpacking rulebook says.

If there is one thing I would recommend you try in Wales, it is the grand Welsh breakfast. The first time I tried this was at Uplands Diner in Swansea. After a long morning trying to survive in the wild, eating berries and building shelters, there is nothing better than ‘All day breakfast’. Welsh Breakfast, with bacon, eggs, cockles (miniscule mussels) and laverbread (that’s fried seaweed) gives you more than the dose of grease you need, but you can always justify it under holiday indulgence.

Welsh Breakfast


For the real foodies, if you are up for a Food challenge in Wales, go try the Beast. If you are backpacking for a really long time and starved for a huge meal, this may just be the pitstop you should be taking. And, if you manage to finish the Beast, you will land up in Upland Diner’s Wall of Fame, looking happy and nauseous.

When you ask most people in Wales, ‘what’s the local food to try?’. They always say ‘Great lamb!’. And, they definitely don’t feel guilty considering the sheep:human being ratio there. However, after taking umpteen photos and videos of the cute sheep, I really wasn’t in the mood to eat them. So, once again, I’ll recommend the Welsh Breakfast over anything.

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