Wale(s) of a time…

The norm – When I travel, I lose weight.

Exception – When I travel with Visit Britain, uh-hmmmm…..3 course meals is the bare minimum.

The norm – The best way to go from point A to point B is the cheapest way, whether its a bus, a train or good ole walking.
The exception – Coach service with a Private Guide ‘Steve Griffin’ (Naaah.. he is not from Family Guy… he is funnier)

The norm – I stay in places like Flying Pigs and Three Ducks
Exception – Hotel names which have Castle, Manor et all with fluffy pillows and wake up calls

The norm – I drink tap water and cheap beer
Exception – Cheap beer remains.. but, in came expensive Wine too (though holding a glass has never been my style)

The norm – I pay to enter castles and museums
The exception – Visit Wales requests that Aparna Shekar Roy, a freelance journalist be allowed to enter all sights for no fee. Wooo hoo!

I could get used to this! If any of you want to send me on a travel blogging trip, I wouldn’t mind.

4 thoughts on “Wale(s) of a time…

  1. That’s a lot of fun and learning. Awesome trip it must have been. All happy and good things come to an end for a new beginning! You will be doing many more. God Bless. Love you.

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