Tales from Wales – The Flip(side) Story

Did I tell you guys that my dream job was actually to make trailers for fantastic films. I never went to film school and no one really thought I could get there. Also, I’ve historically been trusted with a still camera, but never with a video camera. At a friend’s party a very long ago, I landed up filming the entire thing on some special mute feature, when the party had people singing for her. Apart from that, in general excitement, I can never take a video without moving around too much, making any video look like there was a mini earthquake. Recently, I learnt that its best to keep my mouth shut when I’m filming so as to actually catch what the person behind the camera is saying. So much for film making skills.

Anyway, I have just done something that I cannot believe myself. Not only have I filmed something, I have edited it too. Shot with my all new Flip camera (Mino HD), I managed to put together this silly video of my trip to Wales. Check out Tales from Wales – The Flip(Side) Story –

If you like it enough, and you want to win yourself one of these cool Flip HD cameras, drop in a cool comment here. . If I can shoot with this camera, the chances are you’ll probably be nominated in some short film awards. Try your luck!

6 thoughts on “Tales from Wales – The Flip(side) Story

  1. What amazing stories and what lovely memories…Except that each trip of yours is more interesting than the last…every trip is a tough act to follow…but you seem to be doing it…have fun and be safe. All the best for this and every other challenge that you enter.

  2. Hey Apu! Good job on the video…some wicked ninja skills on the camera as well!It was a great little snapshot of your adventures in Wales. I can see you had an awesome time. I loved the little witty rhyming captions as well…too bad we couldn’t meet..hopefully we will next time your adventures bring you to this part of the globe…Good luck with the competition. Hope you win!!

  3. Indeed Ninja, you have had a Wale of a time in Wales and what an adventure filled with fun. So much learning. Making new wonderful friends. The one minute capsule shows it all. Eagerly waiting to go with you to Wales soon! God Bless.

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