The Great Welsh Showdown – Day 3 – Go jump !

Reached Pembrokeshire last night and stayed at this beautiful House hotel… like a lovely manor. Before people want to kill you, they are usually nice to you.

Heading to a small town in the West coast of Wales and will be Coasteering. I know it involves wearing the right gear, rock climbing et all. Not worried. Then, it involves jumping off a cliff into swirling waters.

I was checking with the bartenders at the hotel where I was staying which sea it was. They gave me good news – It is the Irish sea. Well, if I get thrown around a bit and get washed away, my only hope is that Gerard Butler is somewhere out there.

With ridiculous hopes and eternal stupididy of the troubled mind, I head to do the craziest thing I would have done till date. Maybe, I can become a stunt woman in Bollywood when I am back.

Watch this space for more! And if there isn’t any more, then you know either Gerard found me or I’ve turned into a mermaid.


22 thoughts on “The Great Welsh Showdown – Day 3 – Go jump !

  1. What? You haven’t jumped yet?!!! ;-)) Hope you had a great experience in doing something you’ve never done before!!! Always trying out something new is good for your health!!! Go Jump!!!

  2. I have been keenly following your posts up to Day 2. Fascinating stuff written with typical flair and llawenydd o fyw (joie de vivre, bien sur). Certainly kindled interest in visiting a place that has always conjured up visions of the wild and the desolate (geography/language, of course, not the people). Why no post post the much-awaited jump? Hope you haven’t decided to swim on to Ireland. Awaiting your update with amdanynt yn ddisgwylgar anadl.

  3. my friend……I wouldn’t mind Gerard butler finding u… that way i will get to meet him as wellllll… hhahahah… but i guess i will find u here on this blog…….And i am sure Roy must be wishing for gerard butler or Mermaid….

  4. hey — let me know what the experience was like.. thinking of doing this too some day 🙂 This is a piece of cake for you apu.. All the very best! Love – Sona

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