Backpacking class traveling business !

So, I always thought it was really nice when any airline gave preference to elders on wheelchairs and babies on trollers.

Hmmm. Think twice.

British airways announcement – Requesting passengers traveling with children and passengers on wheelchairs to board the aircraft first.

And then, 80 percent of the junta went ahead. Even junta with one kid in the family (8 year olds et all) crowded around the boarding gate.

Afterall, this is namaste london part 1. All the nana nanis visiting and I’m aboard little india.

Oh my god – wailing children for 8 hrs. Find me earplugs.

Or maybe not. Got upgraded and have one of those private cabin like seat. Damn! Backpacking ninja is traveling with 3 times more legroom.

Time to pop that champagne.

9 thoughts on “Backpacking class traveling business !

  1. After all it’s the Indians who are travelling, so even if they announce the boarding only for people with disabilities every able bodied person will be rushing to get in first!!! Good you got upgraded to business class and hope your journey will now be as good as the upgrade!!!

  2. That is what I call COOL! Backpacking Ninja gets to travel by Business Class. ENJOY! Sure it must have been restful. Love you Amma

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