The Welsh Showdown

You are not going to believe this but I’m headed to Wales for a week and I don’t have to pay for it ! 

Visit Britain found me in this large virtual world and thought I was good enough to represent the country for an International Blogathon. Yup! Its called the Welsh Showdown. Its like an Online Amazing Race… I will be paid to holiday with bloggers from Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and do some crazy things and then blog about them.

So, what do I need to do when I get there? Apart from meeting travel buffs and visiting a new country, I’ll be participating in 5 Challenges as a part of this blogathon.

Challenge 1 – This would be in the capital city of Wales – Cardiff. First, I’ll have to attend a half day course  on the Welsh language. And if I survive this, I guess I would have learnt a new way to swear at my boss without him understanding me.

Blogging in Welsh may not be easy. Imagine being able to engage readers with “Fi angen i roi’r gorau iddi fy swydd a theithio yn y byd”

English translation – “I want to quit my job and travel the world”.


Challenge 2 – Tripping around Swansea, South Wales and surviving in the wilderness. I know that the challenge involves building a shelter and lighting a fire.

After surviving sleeping in a cave in Chapada Diamantina in Brazil, with insects, water dropping from the ceiling like Chinese torture and body ache, I think I’ll survive lighting a fire.

Did they mention something about not carrying a lighter :))) Evil grin. 

Challenge 3 – Pembrokeshire. This will be my first time Coasteering. It sounds very simple, but this would require me to jump off a cliff. Ok. I’m scared. I’m terrified.

Parting Speech – I thank Visit Britain for this opportunity to kill myself in such a scenic location as millions of Indians watch this live on my blog. (Wishful thinking about live on blog and million Indians)

Challenge 4 – Snowdonia. I always wanted to hang around pleasant looking farm animals and thank god Wales is blessed with sheep. I wouldn’t be so excited if I wear to milk a cow. Here, I’m probably going to be making paper out of sheep poo. Yes, you heard me write.

She shapes sheets out of sheep shit.
She shapes sheets out of sheep shit.
She shapes sheets out of sheep shit. 
How’s that for a tongue twister.

Challenge 5 – Make a funny video of the entire trip and get as many people to watch it. With the challenges they have thrown my way in the first 4 days, I don’t think this would be a problem. Visualise: Ninja swearing in Welsh. Ninja sets someones shelter on fire. Ninja giving a dramatic speech before jumping off the cliff and then the camera shows a 10 ft jump (I’m hoping). Ninja dressed like Mary (with little lamb).

Anyway, its just another 5 days away and I’m hoping you guys would drop by my blog and be a part of the madness. Set your alarm for a Backpacking Ninja reminder every day between 1st – 5th September. Join me in Wales!

22 thoughts on “The Welsh Showdown

  1. This is so amazing yaaaaaa… All the very best and a lots of good luck.Once your back, we must do the Toto’s session – lots to share for you and lots to hear for us I am sure :)Cheers!

  2. awesome..I just went to Singapore to cover the YOG as a blogger invited by the STB and Im glad that bloggers fm India are being noticed and invited..go for it !

  3. Apu is one person whom travel finds out from some way or the other…..I am so proud that she is a living example of someone who is fulfilling her dream to travel and do so in the most amazing and inspiring manner…..Apu have a great time….I know you are the one 🙂

  4. Have a great time in Wales, I was there a long time ago and really enjoyed all the old castles and beautiful scenery there from down south to up north!!!

  5. do visit breacon beacon national park. and bring me back loads of photos of cardiff city centre and the bute building of cardiff university is possible. and …have fun! ur one lucky girl 🙂

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