30 things I want to do before I die..

This is no particular order…. Just random things that came to my mind!

Wave to the penguins in Puerto Madryn

Tip a cow in Texas

The entire hammock ride from Manaus to Belem in Brazil

Vineyard hopping in California

Skydive somewhere in the world and not faint half way

Do a handstand in front of the Eiffel tower

Ride a Vespa in the small lanes of a Southern Italian town

Cover myself with the dead sea minerals and lie around in Israel

Jump into the sea from a small cliff in Wales

Take a thousand pictures of the thousand or more islands in Vietnam

Get smashed by Tomatoes at the Tomatina festival in Spain

Discover the artist in me at Burning Man in Arizona

Be a farmer somewhere for sometime 

Percussion classes in West Africa

Feel calm amidst the Kumbh Mela chaos

Scream out ‘I love South America’ in Ushuia, the southern most tip of the continent

Go on a wildlife trip in Africa

Eat Sushi till I drop in Japan

Walk around the oldest inhabited city on earth in Yemen

Visit an Oasis in the Sahara

Just check in person how the term ‘Greek God’ came about..

Sunrise in the Grand Canyon and Snow in New York

Dance till I drop in a Salsa club in Colombia

Wear a Mexican hat and put my feet up on the table in a local bar in Mexico

Find a sea blue vintage car in Cuba and pose like Marilyn in front of it

Do something forbidden at Forbidden city 🙂

Be stranded in someplace where I just don’t understand the language and not a soul understands me.. it could be Eastern Europe.. it could be Kazhakstan..

Balance myself on a surfboard

Do a 1000 + km plus cycling trip

See a new place in India every year !

Hmmmmm… if you haven’t figured out why I wrote the 30 thing post… I turned 30 a few days ago… With all the hype around ‘Ten things to do before I am 30’ and all that, I decided to just make a list for things to do from now on….. 

A few things on my wish list will happen this year !!! I’m making it happen …..

4 thoughts on “30 things I want to do before I die..

  1. congo for u turning 30 tell me hw it ws wen some of the things in wishlist are fulfilledmy best wishes to ya i esp liked d “Find a sea blue vintage car in Cuba and pose like Marilyn in front of it”n trust me being in and around kumbh mela is an absolute bliss do dat its peaceful adb

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