Petra in Pictorial Moments

Wake Up Alarm at 4 am and we were  the first two people to enter Petra that cold morning

A good 20 minute walk before this magnificent sight was revealed

I stood here forever …. Felt so complete even before we saw the entire monument
Still did not feel like going in…. Half is beautiful…. What would the full picture look like? 
And.. Voila… the whole Indiana Jones shot…
And look up the stars…

Just put Roy in that picture to actually give size perspective to Petra
Every angle is worth a look
And there is more… these cave like structures embedded all along the rock walls as you keep walking in

Its like a city lost amidst Canyons and the doors sealed shut
Were they ever open…. Were they always shut? Was there ever something inside?
The natural formations…. Natural wonder… Historical Wonder…. Ai ai ai.. Its a Wonder alrite
And the friendly Bedouins who serve you the early morning tea… Be nice and they’ll invite you to sleep in their caves

My Bedouin Friend
Walk walk and walk.. you’ll find colossal columns and ruins of temples
And the Amphitheater whose steps look washed away with age…
Yaaay ! What a morning…
Ok… I’m content with this unplanned trip… Now, lets not miss our ferry back to Egypt
And the final few moments before the tourists started to arrive…..
Goodbye Petra…

3 thoughts on “Petra in Pictorial Moments

  1. I got my eyes fixed on these lovely pictures. Petra——it must have been a dream come true to be there. I am so glad that I am able to feel the place in reality through your pictures. God be with you Dear. Love and hugs, Amma

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