Italy on a Sunday morning

It almost felt like I visited Italy last Sunday. Mom’s neighbour Jacopo and Sheerja invited me over for an authentic Italian Espresso. Not very long ago, my French friend who lives in Vienna gifted me this cute little Italian Espresso maker and I’ve become rather addicted to it. However, I realised this Sunday that I’ve been (mis)using the little coffee maker.

So, to travel through a cup of coffee, here are 5 steps to making the perfect Italian espresso –
1. Fill water in the coffee maker only till the safety valve
2. Fill coffee powder till it looks like Mount Vesuvius

3. Heat the coffee maker in low flame only
4. With the first few drops of coffee (the thickest of the lot), beat a spoonful of sugar till it turns into a white paste almost
5. Pour the rest of the espresso into the beaten sugar to get the perfect espresso with the beautiful froth

Now, that’s what I call coffee! Or, should I say kitchen traveling.

3 thoughts on “Italy on a Sunday morning

  1. WATCHOUT! never wash this coffee maker with a dishwashing liquid otherwise you are risking to drink coffee with a soap taste =) Only water wash!Just came from Milano today 🙂

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