‘Idli and Samba’ – Thanks Dipto

Where do I begin? Dipto was a colleague. Another cubicle slave like me at the hair oil company we used to work for. I created bad advertising. He ensured that the stock got dumped in majestic proportions across the country. Together, we conned millions of consumers into greasing their hair day in and day out.

Now, Dipto has moved to a fancier cubicle. Actually, a cabin in one of the biggest media houses in the country. He is now marketing newspapers. Well, I wonder why. Dipto has a fantastic flair for writing, for ripping you away from wherever you are and transporting you…. He could be a journo.. May add a bit of humour to my daily news….

I’ve been a fan of his blog for a really long time. A true blue bong, his blog is called Calcutta Chromosome. He writes about Cinema, Books, Sports… about Nostalgia….

Let me get to the point… When I got back from my trip, Dipto interviewed me to understand my
mad journey. And voila, it lands up as a really cool blog post in his blog. He titled it ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. Really put me in a pedestal… all for taking a holiday. Im so flattered… somewhat emotional… and in disbelief that someone would consider me an inspiration for their kids to live their dreams like I did… (Normally, Im not allowed around kids).

Thanks Dipto ! Im really touched….

Read on – What do you want to be when you grow up?

8 thoughts on “‘Idli and Samba’ – Thanks Dipto

  1. hi Appu, have always admired you guts a lot… but having read the article from Dipto angle made me realize that i will be NEVER be able convince my people to let go of me like that. but always wanted and hope to do sometime in future. till then will be reading your blog to keep that desire alive.

  2. luckly i am able to do something similar without wife n kids.. but hope i can do it after as well..and i have to say- i like to idea of coming back.. and home… and not to live on the road.

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