Quarta Experimental – Foodies of Belo Horizonte

Quarta Experimental – A blog started by the foodies of Belo Horizonte.

Quarta Experimental

The concept is very simple…. 4 girls invite friends over every Wednesday night and manage to find a traveler to come over and cook something. Either a traveler or just someone living in Belo Horizonte… The person whips up food from a land far far away. They drink, chat, eat and experience traveling to another country in the form of an unbelievable gastronomic adventure.

Well… I’ve never cooked in India. And I did in Belo Horizonte for 20 people about a year ago. Here’s my story in Quarta Experimental. Click on the link below –

Khana Dil Se in Brazil

Its more than a year now… and I went back to the blog to read and found what they wrote about me…. Just made me cry….. (I’ll blame it on the onions taking effect a year later). .. This is what they wrote ..

Tem uma coisa que vai ser impossível mostrar a vocês:

como a casa inteira foi tomada pelo cheiro delicioso das comidas da Apú….

Ela nos contou que a cozinha indiana se baseia muito mais nas cores e cheiros do que nas medidas. E ela cozinhou maravilhosamente bem, inundando o nosso apartamento (o hall e o elevador) com um cheiro maravilhoso…

realmente nossos queridos… essa lembrança é só de quem veio…


nos encontramos aqui

… and the translation…

There’s something that will be impossible to show you:

as the whole house was taken by the delicious smell of food …. the APU

She told us that Indian cuisine is based much more on the colors and smells than the measurements. And she cooked wonderful, flooding our apartment (the hall and the elevator) with a wonderful smell …

actually our dear … this memory is only of those who came …


we are here

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