Insha Allah we managed a trip this year again…

So, it was officially 8 months since I got back from my 7 month trip in South America and 5 months since I got back from my 1 month trip to the Himalayas. Its been a day since I got back from my 2 week trip. Where did I go? Doesn’t this sound like a GMAT question…..

Anyway, after all the traveling last year and middle of this year, I managed to land myself in a bit of a problem. I found a job. 5 months of hard work. Really. But then, by some miracle or God know’s what plausible luck, I got away for 2 weeks in December.

With actually very little time to plan the trip and go, we chose Egypt. There was a huge debate between Roy and me about the choice of destination. I think we went back and forth to the travel section in crossword to refer to the Lonely Planets.

I wanted to go to Mexico. I guess Roy was a bit afraid that I may quit my job over SMS from Mumbai airport on impulse and take off to Central America after that. So, Mexico was ruled out. Also, everyone I knew scared me with the Swine Flu threat.

Then, we debated Kenya. I don’t know the reason why we ruled it out. Somewhere along the line, someone warned us that we can spend 3 days in a cheaper country for the same price as Beer in Africa.

We considered Sri Lanka for a fleeting moment I think.

We also talked about Eastern Europe till a friend posted some really white pictures of Poland. Snow on a holiday is something I avoid. Buying a pair of boots would take away a day or two of my holiday from my budget 🙂

So, we couldn’t afford anything too far away or in Africa. It was too cold in Europe and anywhere North. I wasn’t in the mood to see any Buddha temples in any South East Asian land. That basically left the Middle East Most affordable and reachable. I’m not even considering Australia / New Zealand as the tickets to there was how much we managed to spend in the entire Egypt trip.

Memories as fresh as Pita bread, just putting down what’s top of mind from Egypt and Jordan…

Chaotic Cairo was much like Mumbai. I realised that being lost in big cities is something I’m more in love with now.

The Pyramids of Giza was as touristy as one would imagine any of the Wonders to be. Just the fact that its almost 5000 years old made us look at it in awe.

Aswan, Abu Simbel, Kom Ombo, Edfu and Luxor – a complete temple overload. The cheap sailboat (Felucca) away from the commercial Nile cruise was the icing on the cake and helped us recover from the million confusing Egyptian gods, myths, pharaohs and mummies.

A quick stop at Dahab, a town by Red Sea filled with backpackers was perfect for us to try our hand at scuba diving and hang long breakfasts. We researched every port town in Sinai peninsula to check how we could sneak into Jordan.

And last but not the least, a visit to Petra in Jordan after hours of waiting in ports, bus stations, tea shops, ferries and immigration counters. Worth every minute we had to wait… an adventurous and an unexpected icing to our holiday. The 6th wonder of the world we have managed to visit.

I’m going crazy with thoughts from my trip and not enough time to put it down in writing. Hopefully, Ill sneak away some time next week. Watch this space for more. As they would say it in the Middle East, Insha Allah….. Insha Allah…

4 thoughts on “Insha Allah we managed a trip this year again…

  1. Hi Aparna,Great blog, best of luck for the titan contest and while your blog speaks about egypt and south america…i think you should write about your trip to himalayas which you mention …will surely be a good read about the contrasts you see between the continents.

  2. Love the way you write. I am sure you would have not enjoyed so much in either of the countries you did not visit though I am sure you will do so someday soon, not that they are not so good but just that I thought Egypt has much more history attached to it than the others.

  3. south east asia, japan, mediterranean countries, australia,..are few options. south america, australia, africa in my to do list…may be some in 2010. Happy New year.

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