Lessons from Vicky, Cristina, Maria Elena and Juan Antonio

I’ve been told a hundred times by all my friends and family not to take movies seriously. But, what can I do? I love the movies…. and I especially love Woody Allen movies…. and I love it even more when Woody Allen throws in your face his take on love through all these incredible characters…. Yup, Ive seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona more than 5 times and I’ve felt it… excitement, curiosity, anticipation, seduction, rush, involvement, irrationality, rationality, sharing, pain, agony, hatred, love, separation, justification, detoxification, acceptance… its all there like jigsaw puzzle pieces. When you open a box, all of them fall next to your feet. Then, you pick up one of the pieces and start to put the puzzle together. Like love. Like life. In Vicki Cristina Barcelona, irrespective of how many times you see the movie, you’ll see bits and pieces of this in every one of them. Then, you’ll try to relate to one of them. Consistency over here has been practically impossible for me.

The last 3 times I saw the movie, I was going through a different phase in my life and landed up quoting a different character. Yes. A lot of wine to drink and I could become any of them.

So.. I read what Woody Allen wrote about the 2 of them (actually part of the narrator’s script) and here goes…

Vicky had no tolerance for pain and no lust for combat. She was grounded and realistic. Her requirements in a man were seriousness and stability. She had become engaged to Doug because he was decent and successful and understood the beauty of commitment.

Hmmmmm…. Yes, Ive felt like this… and as much as this is what everyone wants to feel so many years into a relationship, I have no qualms admitting that its too far from where I want to be…. (Roy baby.. please see the humour in this… just the line about being grounded and realistic is as far as it gets)

Cristina, on the other hand, expected something very different out of love. She had reluctantly accepted suffering as an inevitable component of deep passion, and was resigned to putting her feelings at risk. If you asked her what it was she was gambling her emotions on to win, she would not have been able to say. She knew what she didn’t want, however, and that was exactly what Vicky valued above all else.

I think I feel like this all the time. I was told by a friend that I rebel so much even in love that I sometimes fight the battle on both ends. As unpleasant as it can get, the spark is worth it. Is it? Isn’t it?

Vicky or Cristina…. wait….. I wonder why he did not spend time describing Maria Elena. To me, her take on love beats all of them. Juan Antonio quotes Maria Elena – Only unfulfilled love can be romantic. Hell.. is that true or what? Only a married woman can come up with a quote like that. True that what’s not complete is something you’ll always try to complete.. try harder…. spend more time on…. give it all you got… And what you have, will you do the same thing…? And that’s why I’m slightly deranged like Maria Elena, a romantic in a different way. Love or romance… Its a never ending debate. Its not all the same you know.

So… I could be any of them… Vicky, Cristina or Maria Elema…. dependent on my mood… or phase… Who cares? All 3 of them get their share of Juan Antonio…. afterall, that’s what this is all about…

Juan Antonio: American?
Cristina: I’m Cristina, and this is my friend Vicky.
Juan Antonio: What color are your eyes?
Cristina: Uh, they’re blue.
Juan Antonio: Well, I’d like to invite you both to come with me to Oviedo.
Vicky: To come where?
Juan Antonio: To Oviedo. For the weekend. We leave in one hour.
Cristina: What- Where is Oviedo?
Juan Antonio: A very short flight.
Vicky: By plane?
Juan Antonio: Mmm-hmm.
Cristina: What’s in Oviedo?
Juan Antonio: I go to see a sculpture, that is very inspiring to me. A very beautiful sculpture. You will love it.
Vicky: Oh, right. you’re asking us to fly to Oviedo and back.
Juan Antonio: Mmmm. No, we’ll spend the weekend. I mean, I’ll show you around the city, and we’ll eat well. We’ll drink good wine. We’ll make love.
Vicky: Yeah, who exactly is going to make love?
Juan Antonio: Hopefully, the three of us.

2 thoughts on “Lessons from Vicky, Cristina, Maria Elena and Juan Antonio

  1. :)I have taken it upon myself to promote this movie! and ive been quite successful i might add. And yes, it has set more people thinking than you might have thought.

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