Will you have lunch with me?

It all started with the 2 boiled eggs that lay in my fridge for 2 whole days… and the bowl of salad, which was turning stale. I tried reviving the eggs by throwing some cheese along with it to make these sad looking egg and cheese sandwiches and packed up the salad in a not so appetising old plastic Janta bar box. Just the look of takeaway boxes from Pali naka makes you lose your appetite if it has cold food in them. So, juggling the boxes, my laptop bag and a jacket, I tried getting into a taxi this morning and it was a matter of time before I dropped something… there went my food !

Well.. headed to work.. no food.. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to message the few friends who worked around the neighbourhood to check whether they would have lunch.

First SMS to my good old friend from an Ad agency that used to work with me –

SMS : Hey, wanna catch up? Lunch at Pheonix?
Reply: At a shoot

Figured that its too short a notice for people in agencies cause lunch hour minus two is about the time they come into work and stepping out for lunch may not be a possibility.

So, next SMS to an old B school buddy who joined a newspaper and is a busy journalist

SMS: Hey, long time? You back in Mumbai? Wanna catch up?
Reply: Back from Delhi. But, in Kashmir now. Saw you in Goa and you were headed into a restaurant and tried your mobile but did not get through.

Phew! That means he is not having lunch with me.

So, SMS to another old friend, who was known to do impromptu things.

SMS: Hey, you have 1 hour notice. Lunch? Not asking you to run away to Brazil with me.
Reply: I don’t like Thursdays.

What is that supposed to mean? I really wonder. I really really wonder.

Losing time.. just 45 minutes left for lunch time. Im getting desperate. Decided to send a group SMS to a few friends.

SMS: Anyone wants to have lunch at Phoenix today? Im sorry … Ive sent a group SMS. But, Im desperate and looking for some company.

Reply 1: My stupid boss has organised a working lunch (Banker)
Reply 2: No reply (Cousin)
Reply 3: No reply (Agency)
Reply 4: Do you think we can meet up in Andheri. (I had to educate this friend its more than 1.5 years since I left my previous organisation, which was in Bandra and now I work in Worli)

So…. all that.. and now, Im left lunchless and lunch companionless.

Reply 5: Lets do coffee post lunch.

So….. afterall, I can just rely on good old black coffee and one friend who still has the word ‘spontaneous’ in his dictionary. Cheers to that.

Update: 2 hours later
And that friend too did not turn up!

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