I gave up life on the edge for a life on two thumbs

Lately, Ive been making some choices and have actually wondered what the hell has happened to me….. Post my birthday, I had money to buy myself a cool mountain bike. My stupid phone gave away at that time and I went and spent the money I had on an E series business phone.

A friend highlighted the choice I had – a mountain bike vis a vis a business phone and reminded me of the life choice I had made myself victim too. And since then, I’ve spent hours thinking about how I made this choice and what drove me to buy that phone. I’ve been spending hours everyday hooked and addicted to this gadget, discovering the internet all over again through a screen the size of a matchbox and living life on two thumbs (something I thought was ridiculous till I got this phone).

My eyes hurt, peering at this bright display.
My thumbs hurt from constant typing.
My head hurts from thinking about how to write a short message.
Everything hurts pretty much… but, not the kind of pain I want.

Everyone who has gone on a long bike ride sweating it out would know the satisfaction of that pain! I crave for that now..

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