Saude, Saideira and Saudade… Only the Samba was missing

Mondays don’t turn out like this. Especially in Mumbai.

Got to relive a bit of my Brazilian days… Started the evening with ‘Saude’… nothing sounds as sweet as Saude…. Try the whole heavythroat Spanish Salut or the armytone Israeli Lakhaim or just the heavydrunk English Cheers… nothing sounds as melodic and beautiful as Saude.

Spent pretty much the entire night, educating my new student (on Brazilian culture) the importance of ‘Saideira’. You can’t take a beer away from a Brazilian. Neither can you take Brazilians away from beer. One bunch who take the last drink very seriously… and its the last drink all night.

Saude and Saideira and all the Brazil talk… Eu senti saudade… muito saudade… unbelievable deep yearning or nostalgia for Brazil, that only you can feel.. you just cant write about it.

O que uma noite refrescante ….. so faltava o samba!

4 thoughts on “Saude, Saideira and Saudade… Only the Samba was missing

  1. Stumbled across your blog when I googled “Brazil last drink” because my travelmate and I were trying to figure out how to spell saideira after spending time with some Brazilians in Spain. They certainly do take it seriously! The saideira doesn’t seem like a question – it’s mandatory. Great blog by the way!

  2. Querida Aparna,Descobri seu blog. Acabei a leitura hoje. Suas experiências são lindas!!! Gostaria tanto que você continuasse escrevendo… Maria Amélia, de Belo Horizonte/Brasil

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