I finally unpacked…

Its been 4 months since I came back …. and I keep getting these random messages from people I know… people I don’t know… about why I am not writing in my blog… what can I say! I wish I was still on the road so that I could provide entertainment to one and all about my exciting life…

Today, I beat traffic to get to a meeting bang on time only to realise that the people who I was supposed to meet did not give a rats ass about what I was sharing with them. Then, I spent time in a cafe checking my work email and replied to international morons about the way in which we need to do things slightly differently in india… the never ending debate.. then, I headed for another meeting in the afternoon, which was delightful thanks to the guy who I met taking amazing care of my coffee craving… (ofcourse I warned him in advance about being prepared with coffee for the meeting… especially black) and he was a darling to comply with my request.. I beat Ganesh festival traffic to get home in time only to spend the evening answering office emails again… why does it feel like all I do online these days is check office email…. and doesn’t that answer the .. why am I not getting time to blog… Hmmmm

And in the midst of all the frantic email replying, I was looking for my travel diary which has some emails of friends who I wanted to write to… and realised that I had put it away under the bed… buried it there and not looked at it in days… amidst the dusty backpack and sleeping bag that still had a damp smell.. amidst all the brochures from the trip that just lay there crying out to me…. Thats when it hit me – Damn it, Ive unpacked finally!

2 thoughts on “I finally unpacked…

  1. For a moment I was wondering who were this people who cared a rodent-ass. Then I read about the ‘delightful’ meeting and was relaxed.Despite global reporting and traffic blues, if you have found time to blog, it is an achievement.Nice meeting a client who is a fellow-travel-blogger. Of late I have been meeting fellow bloggers in unexpected places. Last night at 10.30, my neighbours’ brother-in-law who came down from Bhopal wants to catch up after realising that we have been following each others’ travel blogs for some time!!Travel gives all of us Wings!! Only to travel more!!

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