Clipped Wings….

Its been a little over 100 days since I returned from the magnificent trip and I still wake up many days thinking I’m gonna find my backpack by my side and crumpled bus tickets in my pocket. Life has changed. I found a job. Yes! Someone actually hired me after this one year. (That’s a story by itself)

So… I obviously don’t find my backpack and the bus tickets. I find my mobile phone with a messed up display on my side with messages from my new found friends in the corporate world.. I find my laptop running on battery because it strangely refuses to shut down… I find printouts, so environment unfriendly… I find that I have exactly 15 minutes to shower, eat and run out the door just in time to find an auto, get to a crowded junction next to home only to be turned down by a taxi driver, then catch a bus to my office… I find that I dont have time to savour a cup of black coffee without which my day doesnt start… I find that I need to device a plan to get out of work in time for my Capoeira class which means the world to me.. I find that my husband is gone and Ill probably see him only in the weekend considering Bombay work life… I find that I probably have to spend 80% of the day doing things I dont want to do to make money to fund doing the things I love doing for a very small part of my day… I find myself not answering my phone calls from friends because I dont have the time to meet them or talk to them and that is depressing because Im forced to answer the phone from people I havent even met who are work related… I find myself in a cubicle with no ventilation… I find myself with a headache staring at a bright monitor.. I find myself lost in a world I dont think I belong to… and more than anything, I find myself with clipped wings…

5 thoughts on “Clipped Wings….

  1. its terrible. you havent been writing frequently enough. call me a leech because I feed on you.Its been 5 months since I started working. 6 days a week, frantically juggling 3 phonecalls at a time and ending up at home exhausted, depleted, There’s nothing to write about anymore. I’m soon gonna run away to a small town and open a music/book store. Atleast I can listen to my favourite music and read without having to smile at people I don’t like.

  2. Maybe a plant can help bring some life to your cubicle. And some air!Not to mention the possibility of color and, of course, friendship. The love of a plant is unconditional. Yay!!! 🙂

  3. I know exacty what u mean…to spend 80% time doing things u do not want to do, to be able to earn enough to do things you love to…

  4. i felt the same when i joined back the rat race after lovely break from worklife. but then you will get used to.;) but i should say my work isnt dad.. travel around for work (process consultant)

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