Status Update: Victim of Status Updates

Who is to blame. The guys who came up with social networking or the gullible audience? Well, its a chicken and egg story. When I decided not to take my mobile phone on my trip, I thought I was cutting my technological umbilical cord. Little did I realise that what would replace simple SMS would be messages on walls, scraps, pokes, status updates and all those painful things. Through the 7 months traveling, I had no option but to update photos and put up status messages. It was exciting…

I was stuck in a hut in the border of Chile and Bolivia in the freezing cold.
I just trekked up a 400 metre high Smoke waterfall in Brazil.
I had beer and barbeque for breakfast.
I got bitten by mosquitos in Machu Picchu.
I am fighting altitude sickness by drinking Coca tea (coca : source of cocaine)

I am back and honestly, I don’t have exciting status updates….

I woke up and saw ants in my wall.
I called the plumber to fix my hand shower.
I cleaned the crow shit from the window ledge.
I told my cook that to make Anda curry for lunch.
I wrote an essay ‘My house’ in Spanish.

What a bunch of nonsense! Actually, I shouldn’t call it nonsense. Now that I have a lot of time in my hands, messages about OTHER people being stuck in airports, business meetings at 9 pm, friends struggling with their 3 week olds, people with sleep disorders…. all that and more…. it is entertainment galore. The obsession to check live updates on Facebook every few minutes… when will that go away? I used to complain when my husband wanted to see those stupid cricket scores on the mobile phone at one point of time. Im no different today. Even as I say this, Ive received 2 funny messages about a friend who is nursing a hangover and wondering whether apple juice is a good remedy… and another friend who just cannot decide who the next James Bond should be.

Wish it would all go away.
I intend to spend some more time on the internet this week cleaning up my internet footprints.
I deleted my Twitter account (which was anyway inactive) and felt a rush.
Im back to my simple text messages and phone calls.
Lets see how long all this lasts.

5 thoughts on “Status Update: Victim of Status Updates

  1. Lovely Blog.Am doing something similar..Travelling around India though..I think I read your article last sat on HT Cafe.Even my article on Majuli, a river island was out on the same issue.I got back home from a long stay in Bhutan and getting the similar

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