Is it my imagination or is Dahi Puri 45 Rs?

It doesn’t feel like I was away only for 7 months. I honestly remember eating Dahi puri for something like 20 bucks before I left for Latin America. And now that I am back and craving for all the food I’ve missed, I’ve been heading to the usual hangouts. Holy cow… everything has doubled in price…

Punjab Sweet House Dahi Puri is 45 Rs

Candies excuse for a chicken quiche is now 35 Rs (Its actually the size of a ping pong ball)

Chicken roll in Kareem’s is 85 Rs and halved in size (depressing)

Walls Cornetto is 30 Rs (I never used to buy this before.. however, I just feel its still criminal to charge that much)

Any Chinese side dish in Bandra is around 200 plus… (what ever happened to chicken 65 at less than 100 Rs)

Naariyal Pani in Carter road has 2 SKUs now – 17 Rs and 19 Rs (hell yeah)

Beer at Totos is now 130 per mug (I really should just stock up from Deepak wines… If only I did not feel that emotional connect to Totos)

A really horrible oriental buffet in a new restaurant in Bandra called Global fusion served us stale dimsums and charged us Rs 800 per head.

If 2 people head to a coffee shop, be sure to carry 200 Rs.. Gone are the days you can drink for less than 100 Rs.

Even the cutting chai at my Spanish class is now 6 Rs.

The only meal that I was thoroughly satisfied with was at this street chinese stall that has opened up next door to my place and charged me 25 Rs for a plate of Egg fried rice.

And all the home cooked food by Asha ji.

What’s this nonsense about recession or whatever…. why the hell are people getting pay cuts and prices going up? I told you.. I can never understand economics. Or, is it just me… feeling the pinch.. not having a salary being credited to my bank account… and having lived on a shoestring the past couple of months…

Whatever the case may be….. Mumbai prices have gone bonkers!

2 thoughts on “Is it my imagination or is Dahi Puri 45 Rs?

  1. apu- remember our chinese food in besant nagar?- love- anu. Ps: how’s life after the travel marathon? it was nice catching up in dc. we should catch up in mumbai 🙂

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