….. and when you are back…..

Typical phone conversation when you are back:

Friend: Shrieeeeeeeeeek…… oooooooooooh, you are back. It must’ve been fantastic.

Me: Yeah, I had a fabulous time.

Friend: Oh my god… I can’t believe you actually did this…… So amazing… and that too, your husband has been so amazing about it…

Me: Yeah… I am very lucky.

Friend: Ok ok… now, tell me… what are you going to do next? You must be getting bored doing nothing….

Me: (being nice) I really don’t know…… I’m taking my time to figure things out.
Me: (actually wanting to say) Go to hell…… what do you mean I’m doing nothing… I have Spanish classes in the morning…. Capoeira classes in the evening… Im writing for publications during the day…. Im cleaning my house… Im providing obline entertainment for you all by blogging… and you still think I am doing nothing.

Friend: Ofcourse yaar…. I mean.. take your time.. But, you are so brave. Who won’t give you a job?

Me: (being nice) Yeah… I guess so… I guess I’ll try applying for jobs soon. Or think about doing something new and exciting.
Me: (actually wanting to say) If I could get a job for every 50 times I’ve heard that, I’d have about 10 jobs by now.


Typical conversation in person when you are back:

Friend: Friend: Shrieeeeeeeeeek…… oooooooooooh, you are back. God.. you are looking gorgeous.. What a tan yaar… and you have lost so much weight…. It must’ve been fantastic…

….. continue as above……

7 thoughts on “….. and when you are back…..

  1. Traveling is really great most especially when you go back from home a lot of people, most especially your friends greet you and give you fabulous feedback. But most of the time, it’s so annoying. They keep on telling you same thing over and over again. That’s why all you need to do is just smile.Perth Hotels

  2. Hey Aparna 🙂 is that uuuu?? love the full for of Ninja :)How lovely to bump into ur blog….it’s lovely and answers all the questions I wanted to ask u whenever I read your facebood updates 🙂 here we meet again in the blogosphere :)Vandana Natu Ghana (yeah the added name happened in Feb…so me is happily married n India trotting these dayz 🙂

  3. o my god! Aparna, can I just steal your post and use it myself pls? Li’l different story..but almost.. I dont have a job right now (in this market!), I have to hear sympathetic nothings like ‘oh, dont worry, u ll get a job soon’ or ‘oh u must be getting so bored doing nothing’.. every single day. the truth is i love my life right now as much as i do with a job ;). ur posts rock!!!

  4. you ae really … particular! As me! LOL! I’m sure many people agree with the idea that your blog is really nice, fresh, spontaneous and don’t know what to say more. Only who have the luck to travel in a very simple way can understand!Greetings from Italy!

  5. I can relate to you .After traveling and meeting “acquaintances/9-5 drones” you see they don’t see what you see in small things in life. And seeing a fake greeting becomes so much more obvious when you are out of the daily robot grind.

  6. .;) so frnd dont know your blog page.!? if i may– when you travel you appreciate home..and only when you spend enough time at home you would appreciate travel.. so relax and take it easy for now.

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